PreSeason Resort Openings

Here is a list of the ski resorts in North America that have already opened their doors, divided by state, as well as how many of their lifts are currently operational:

Lake Louise – Lifts: 1/10

Boreal Mountain Resort – Lifts: 1/8
Mammoth Mountain Ski Area – Lifts: 2/28

Arapahoe Basin Ski Area – Lifts: 4/8
Breckenridge – Lifts: 5/31
Copper Mountain Resort – Lifts: 3/22
Keystone – Lifts: 5/20
Loveland – Lifts: 3/10
Winter Park Resort – Lifts: 3/25
Wolf Creek Ski Area – Lifts: 6/7

Woodbury Ski Area – Lifts: 2/6

Wild Mountain Ski & Snowboard Area – Lifts: 3/8

Timberline Lodge – Lifts: 4/7

Mont Saint-Souveur – Lifts: 1/8

Brighton Resort – Lifts: 2/6
Solitude Mountain Resort – Lifts: 3/8

Killington Resort – Lifts: 2/22
Okemo Mountain Resort - Lifts: 3/19

Trollhaugen – Lifts: 3/10

Dozens more resorts will be opening in the following couple of weeks, but if you are itching to strap on your board, then you can get a couple pre-season runs in at the resorts listed above before the holiday rush!

Sources: On the Snow
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