Top 10 iPhone Apps for Ski Trips


​Whether you're an expert skier tearing up the double black diamonds or snow plowing on the bunny slopes, download these iPhone apps to make hitting the mountain and your ski getaway even more enjoyable.

With its minimalist design, The Snow Report from North Face sports an elemental interface that serves up trail maps, resort info, and current trail conditions.  The Snow Report sends news, weather developments (including one to three day snowfalls), as well as first-hand ski reports from skiers on the slopes. While some critics find the forecast page too technical, when it's your family on the mountain -- an avalanche advisory display may come in handy.

9. iTRAILMAP - Free
We found iTrailMap to be a simple app that provides easy to use ski maps. This app allows users to download comprehensive maps and eliminates the need for constant wireless connection up in the alpines. While there are more precise maps out there, this give-away will allow you to never fumble with another trail map again. iTrailMap's upgrade is available for $4.99 and includes 3D mapping capability and graphs the topography of a run.

8. WI-FI FINDER - Free
Hate when the resort you're staying in doesn't include Wi-Fi? Frustrated by spotty connections up in the peaks?  Avoid inflated data rates with the Wi-Fi Finder app that traces over two hundred thousand hotspots in hundreds of countries. One thing that keeps us from raving fully: Wi-Fi Finder needs an upgrade that separates paid from free wi-fi spots.

This new app records the steepness and speed of your run so that you finally have proof to back-up your bragging to friends at the end of the day.  Phresheez includes a function that tracks all the members of your ski party on the mountain and makes meeting up on the slopes even easier. This app is also set up to upload your run maps directly to Facebook.

6. NEXT FLIGHT - $2.99
The biggest hassle of your ski vacation can often be dealing with flight logistics. This app allows you to track scheduled departures from thousands of airlines and airports. Want to extend your trip?  Flight grounded by a blizzard?  Next Flight allows you to sift through different carriers and puts you back in control of your flight itinerary.

5. REALSKI - Free
More than just another trail map app, the RealSki app allows users to point the iPhone camera, scan the mountain and this nifty app will overlay an augmented view labeling markers, ski runs, chairlifts, and other points of interest.  RealSki from RTP offers a nice interplay between the iPhone's mapping, camera, GPS, and 3G features all synthesized into one sharp app.

4. REDLASER - $1.99
Redlaser is the best way to compare apples to apples when pricing gear and snowboard apparel and any other items you might need for your ski excursion. Using its barcode recognition technology, this app reads barcodes and fires back prices. You’ll save back the download price the first few time you use it.  It's the fastest way to insure you're not being price gauged at the shop closest to the slope.

3. SNOCATOR - $.99
Snocator is one of the first iPhone apps to use location-enabled interactive trail maps to show exactly where you are during a run.  In addition, Snocator utilizes the GPS functionality to locate and pinpoint nearby ski resorts.  One note, Snocator is in the process of building out the depth of their North American resort coverage.

While it was a dead heat with WeatherBug, the Weather Channel edged out the competition because this app can search multiple locations at once. We found that WeatherBug still has the finest satellite imaging out there, but whether you are searching for storm warnings or want to find out where the fresh powder is Weather Channel will fulfill all your meteorological curiosity.

1. AIRCAM - $7.99
Pricey, but cool, Aircam allows you to view live streaming video from your desktop computer on your iPhone.  In other words, whether you're homesick or you just want to make sure your cat is still alive, you can now watch live video from your desktop computer's webcam, right from the slopes.  Some people call it a surveillance camera, we call it a great way to make sure everything is OK at home while you are on vacation. 
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