Top Ten Scenic Ski Resorts

The sport of skiing/snowboarding is so much more than what the X-Games and the Olympics portray it to be. You don’t have to spin off of the biggest jumps, or have the coolest gear, or carve through the maze of back-country trees to fully enjoy these popular winter sports. In fact, sometimes, the liberating feeling of simply BEING on the top of a snow-capped mountain, breathing in nature’s beauty, and being humbled by her immense stature can mean so much more than braving a double-black diamond run. 

Here is a list of the top ten ski resorts around that world that have been deemed as having the most scenic atmosphere:

1. Lake Louise Ski Resort: Banff National Park, Canada
-Largest resort in Canada
-Castle-like lodge

2. Mt. Bachelor Ski Resort: Oregon
-Located on the summit of a dormant volcano
-3,693 acres

3. Zermatt: Switzerland
-14,692 ft. Matterhorn
-Gondola style ski-lifts

4. Heavenly Mountain Resort: California
-Spectacular views of Lake Tahoe
-Weekend parties at the Tamarack Lodge

5. Alyeska Ski Resort: Alaska
-Ample daylight hours due to the location in Alaska
-Annual snowfall: 650 inches

6. Mt. Tremblant: Quebec, Canada
-Over 1,000 snow guns
-Alps-like experience in North America

7. Grands Montetes: Argentierre, Chamonix, France
-Watering hole for the rich and famous
-Home of the highest skiable mountain slope in the Alps

8. Schweitzer Resort: Idaho
-Annual snowfall: 300 inches
-Open Gate policy in regards to out-of-bounds access

9. Grand Targhee Ski Resort: Wyoming
-Best views of the Grand Tetons
-Ask guest services about “Snowcat Skiing”

10. Telluride Ski Resort, Colorado
-Gondola style ski/scenic lifts
-Home of the highly revered Alfred’s Restaurant

Sources: USA Today